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Provincial Tax

Most governments that collect taxes provide a return on the taxpayer’s investment by enacting programs that exist to benefit the populace in financial and other matters that are meant to improve the quality of life. We generally find these types of programs on both the federal and provincial levels.

Some of these programs get their funding strictly from provincial taxation with other gaining support from both federal and provincial funds, (all derived from taxation). Understandably, the citizens of Brampton pay their provincial taxes that help to support Ontario. Naturally, being part of this province the citizens of Brampton are eligible to participate in any of the social programs offered.

It is easy to understand why someone might get confused on how their tax dollars are being allocated, remember that all levels of government operate with the input of taxes, federal, local, and provincial. One issue that tends to elude the thoughts of the general public is that, because of the difference in populations, land mass and economic structure of each province, making up Canada, there is an unbalanced amount of revenue contributions because of these differences.

Due to this unbalance there is a method that utilizes a graduated scale of sorts to collect  a higher tax amount from the bigger provinces to make up for the difference. Nevertheless, either living in Ottawa or Brampton our tax dollars go to the same places, such as the police departments and fire departments, and the other emergency services.

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