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What do you charge?

Our fees are based on either an hourly or flat  rate.This is dependent on the needs of the client and can change as the clients need change. For more information set up an appointment to determine which service fits your business.

Do you help locate a legal service?

We help our clients find legal representation for tax issues through a legal services that we are in contact with.

How do you charge for a year end report?

How we charge and the amount  we charge is strictly dependent on the amount of work there is in gathering all of the information and then putting it all together after an analysis. Additionally we do offer free consultations on this matter.

Will help if I receive a “Notice to File?”

We have the experience it takes to handle this type of situation properly for our clients who receive this notice. Part of our process is to check all tax records ten years in the past and work forward from that point.

Is there a way to contact the Canadian Revenue Agency, (CRA)?

The CRA has a website where you can create an account to handle questions and filing. Additionally, you can call the following numbers:
Personal Income Tax queries; 1-800-959-8281
Corporate Tax queries; 1-800-959-5525

How do I become a client?

You just need to make an appointment to speak with us to discuss your accounting or bookkeeping needs.

Do you have restrictions concerning taking on new clients?

No, we accept clients through referrals from current clients as well as others who are seeking our services. Since you have made it to our FAQ page go ahead and visit our contact page and make an appoint with us.

How cost effective is your service compared to hiring a bookkeeper out right?

Depending on the size of the business the variances differ. For a small business, outsourcing the bookkeeping saves money because of the insurance and benefits aspect. For a larger business it all depends on their needs and structure. With either scenario, outsourcing the bookkeeping can be done on an “as needed” basis, which is perhaps the most cost effective method compared to paying an hourly rate.

What records do I need to pay my taxes?

All expenses should have proof of payment receipts.

When is the last day I can file my Taxes?

The latest a filing can be postmarked is midnight April 31st.

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