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Accounts Payable

All businesses have to account for their chas flow. This means that they should track all incoming and outgoing money. Accounts payable tracks all liabilities and expenses and while some may think that the income cash holds a bit more importance, it does not. For any business, here in Brampton or elsewhere, tracking all forms of cash flow holds equal importance.

Nonetheless, having a bookkeeper that can accurately account for the amount and where the outflow of funds go to is a benefit to any business. With accurate record keeping a business can see where their accounts payable amounts stand when compared to the receivable accounts. While it is optimal to keep the payables lower than the receivables it does not always work out, however, with precise record keeping and accountability an accountant working with the bookkeeper will find opportunities to keep and maintain a balance between the two.

Accordingly, having accurate records of all the financial movements a business makes is important for many reasons. The first is for operation purposes where a second reason is for tax purposes. Knowing where the outflow of cash is going and why helps to manage a business and figure the financial health because of the debt ratio of a business is directly affected by the accounts payable which is a representation of the debt a business owns.

For this reason alone having a high debt ratio changes a business’s ability to secure loans. This is why having a tight rein on spending is always an issue come time for setting a budget. On the one hand the business needs to spend money  in order to earn revenue, on the other hand too much spending will drive a business to ruin.

This makes having a competent bookkeeper and certified accountant that can keep a close eye and accurate records help with the analysis of  the accounts payable as compared to other financial departments. As it stands the Canadian Revenue Agency stipulates some stringent rules that businesses must follow when accounting for expenses. The Professionals at Envolta can help improve  the financial operations by their understanding of these rules and the ability to accurately account for cash flow.

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